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AIPS Governance

The American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), established in 1973, is a non-profit, tax-exempt, non-partisan educational organization in the United States. AIPS also operates offices in Pakistan where it is incorporated as a bi-national exchange program. AIPS is also a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers. AIPS is governed by the Board of Trustees and follows the AIPS Bylaws. The Board elects the Executive Committee and the Officers for fixed-terms.

The AIPS Bylaws limit the terms and responsibilities of the Officers.

The mission of AIPS is to encourage and support research on issues relevant to Pakistan and the promotion of scholarly exchange between the United States and Pakistan. To fulfill this mission, AIPS provides research fellowships to American researchers, administers lectureships, and sponsors academic conferences.

Governance Policies:

AIPS Bylaws
AIPS General Conflict of Interest
AIPS Employee Protection (Whistleblower) Policy
AIPS Audit and Finance Committee Charter
AIPS Policy on Board and Executive Committee Membership and AIPS Fellowships